Motorcycle Riding Tips for Beginners

Many people wish they could ride a motorcycle but like any other vehicle, a motorcycle has processes, and procedures of learning how to handle and ride it, especially for a beginner. Here are some tips that every beginner must take note of.

Learn the Law

Before any beginner hops on a motorcycle, it is better to first learn and review the country/state motorcycle laws/requirements.

The requirements for motorcycle ownership and riding include steps for getting a license, motorcycle laws, gear needed to ride, tests/certifications necessary as a beginner, handling dangerous road situations, and mechanical problems.

Get the Proper Gear

As a new motorcycle rider, it is best to get the necessary gear for your safety. Motorcycle riders are prone to tipping over and minor accidents. Gear to consider are helmet, eye protection, leather jackets and tight jeans, boots, and gloves. Some training schools in the UK hire out some of this equipment.

Enroll In a Class

Every beginner must enroll in a training school. Most training schools teach courses in a safe, controlled environment. They provide the motorcycles and help beginners prepare for the necessary tests to get their permits and licenses.

Know the Motorcycle

Operating a motorcycle relies on a lot of eye, hand, and foot coordination. It is important to familiarise oneself with the basic motorcycle controls such as throttle grip, front brake, rear brake, gearshift lever, and clutch lever.

Practice Makes Perfect

There is nothing more helpful to a beginner than continuous practice. Earning the necessary permits, licenses and passing the necessary tests is just the beginning. Even professional motorcycle riders need constant practice. So, go to the training school for riding classes, hire a bike and equipment and practice. A beginner can even join a bikers’ club or association.

So, as a beginner, take note of these tips and you will be riding on your own in no time.

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