The following resources can be useful for those looking to find out more about the motorcycle world. The books and websites mentioned here offer information about everything related to motorcycles.

Proficient Motorcycling

David L. Hough

David is a journalist and riding expert. In this book, he provides a detailed manual for experts and novices alike on motorcycle training and servicing. This is the perfect book for planning a motorcycle trip, further motorcycle training, or just brushing up on crucial skills.

The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

Mark Zimmerman

This book is a practical maintenance guide covering all brands, styles, makes, and models of motorcycles. It also features easy-to-follow instructions for various tasks associated with motorcycles. Designed to help riders learn how to fix, and maintain their motorcycles, this book is a must-have for all motorcycling enthusiasts.


This blog is UK’s number 1 blog on everything motorcycle. It features news, reviews, how-tos, and some great interviews with some of the industry’s most talented riders. The blog also has a YouTube channel for practical videos on diverse motorcycling issues.

Motorcycle News

This blog started as a newspaper in 1955 and is regarded as the world authority on all things motorcycle. Whether in print or online, MCN is the world’s primary source for all the most significant new motorcycle releases, in-depth news investigations on motorcycle issues, new bike search and advice, up-to-the-minute motorcycle racing news, and insight.


MotoJitsu is a motorcycling YouTube channel dedicated to educating riders on safety and training. This channel features an impressive collection of motorcycle training videos, covering topics like body positioning, cornering techniques, and group riding etiquette.