Different Types of Motorcycles

Motorcycles are of different makes and specifications. Here are different types of motorcycles.


This type of motorcycle is of a simple design and suited for all purposes. With variations between 125cc to 1,000cc, it is an all-purpose motorcycle. The seat height is in the shorter to middle range and can fit almost everyone comfortably.


This motorcycle has a little lower seat height and is good for cruising around town.

It can be fitted with a suitcase or an extra seat. The engine sizes also vary from small to large depending on the make and brand. It is good for a short ride or a long trip on the road.

Sport Bike

Sport bikes are one of the lightest motorcycles made but are built for speed and agility. Sport bikes are made of aluminium and lighter materials that increase their maneuverability. The seat height is on the higher end. This is so that a rider can lean the motorcycle farther without scraping foot pegs or fairings.


This type of motorcycle, as the name suggests, is built for touring. It is typically larger than most other motorcycles and have the amenities for touring with a large amount of space for storage. Engine sizes are large for highway speeds and hauling a large amount of extra gear and extra clothes.

Adventure Sport Motorcycle

This type of motorcycle is meant to go anywhere and do anything. It has a more aggressive off-road suspension and knobby off-road tires. The seat is high enough for the navigation of roads and rough paths.


Scooters are lightweight vehicles best suited for a metropolitan area. They are low to the ground and not meant for speed. Instead, they are very suited for inner-city streets, weekend cruising around town and even for sightseeing.

These are the different types of motorcycles available. This blog offers the best information on motorcycle riding training. Contact for more.

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